The Lodge of True Aim was consecrated on 20th January 2017 by R.W.Bro. Paul Gower, Provincial Grand Master, with 187 Brethren in attendance, 28 of whom were the Founders and petitioners. LOTA is a “Specialist Lodge” formed from Masons with a passion for the shooting sports

Following the support for the first Clay pigeon shoot held in 2014 as a fundraising event for the 2019 Festival for the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, the idea was tabled that a shooting Lodge in Hertfordshire, for shooters of all disciplines, shooting in the morning and meeting in the afternoon, might be well received.

Our Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Paul Gower, expressed his support and asked if the membership might include Brethren from neighbouring and other Provinces. The response was very positive and twenty-nine Brethren came forward willing to become Founders, the majority from Hertfordshire but with several from across the borders and beyond.

The oldest Lodge in the Province, Hertford No. 403, was pleased to sponsor this, the newest Lodge in the Province, and suggested that the Lodge should meet at Mayflower Place, Several designs for the Lodge logo were tabled, and the design most favoured was submitted to Grand Lodge for approval, which was duly confirmed. This design will be used on both the Summons and the Founders Jewels, and in time perhaps, on the Lodge Banner.

Word has steadily spread through the Province as we have progressed, and there are now ten confirmed Joining members and two Candidates for Initiation waiting to swell our numbers. The Primus Master will be W.Bro. Stuart Hutchison PPSGW, and the Wardens designate are Bro. Neil Mottershead and W.Bro. Albert Bareham Prov JGD (Huntingdon and Northants).

The foundations are now in position and the Lodge of True Aim No. 9930 is about to take its place as a healthy and strong Lodge alongside its peers in “Happy Hertfordshire.”